Why Patients Visit Our Clinic for a Back Pain Treatment

Posted on: July 15, 2017

We help patients to feel better and regain their quality of life by offering a back pain treatment in our clinic. If you find that it is difficult to do things that you love such as going for a walk, engaging in sports or even playing with your children due to severe back pain, let us know. This is the right time to schedule an appointment and begin receiving treatment.

Why patients visit our clinic

There are several reasons that patients visit our clinic for back pain treatment. Primarily, patients come to our clinic because we specialize in treating the back, neck and shoulders. Since our practice focuses on spinal health, we can treat a variety of conditions. Very often, people experience severe back pain because the spine is out of alignment and it causes a pinched nerve.

By moving the spine into the correct position, we can alleviate the pressure on these nerves and decrease the pain as a result. We use touch therapy to do so and may also recommend a massage to reduce muscle tension. We may also recommend exercise or stretches with very specific techniques that we can demonstrate in our office. These things combined can help to both alleviate any pain and discomfort while strengthening the body and decreasing the risk of a back injury from reoccurring.

Reasons for back pain

Some of the reasons that people experience back pain are:

#1. Lack of stretching

It is incredible how many people suffer in pain because they do not move around enough. It is important to stretch on a daily basis and to do things like go for walks since this will help to keep the muscles moving and limber. When the muscles are not limber, the back can become tenser and result in pain.

#2. Muscle weakness

If the core muscles are strong, it will help the back to remain in an upright position and help to prevent injury. It is important to do exercises that strengthen the core on a weekly basis so as to reduce discomfort and prevent injuries.

#3. Car accidents

Auto accidents are all-too-common and spinal injuries are typically associated with them. From whiplash to disc problems, accident victims can suffer back injuries that are anywhere from uncomfortable to debilitating.

#4. Workplace injuries

Being injured on the job is easy for anyone who is in a manual labor profession but it is also possible for office workers who through repetitive motions can injure their back.

Call for help

Regardless of what has created your back pain, we encourage you to call our clinic and schedule a back pain treatment.  We can provide necessary relief and take steps to help prevent the likelihood of back pain reoccurring. Our treatment methods are non-invasive and do not depend on the use of medication so they are a more natural way to experience this relief. To learn more call today.