Spinal Surgery Alternative FAQ

Posted on: August 15, 2017

We offer a spinal surgery alternative in our clinic that works incredibly well for helping our patients to recover from debilitating back pain. Living with back pain is not easy and can even be disabling. This leads many people to consider having surgery to try and alleviate the symptoms. If you are currently in this situation and considering going under the knife, we urge you not to until you have first tried our surgical alternative.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear from patients considering this treatment option:

Why should I try a spinal surgery alternative?

Having surgery comes with inherent risks. There is a risk of excessive bleeding, infections and complications. People have died from surgery, while others have said that they experienced worse symptoms after the fact. When it comes to surgery, there are no guarantees. Surgery can help or it can make things worse but either way, the results are permanent. This makes it important to assess whether surgery is truly the best option.

Knowing that the risk can be permanent and life-threatening, each patient needs to ask if a surgical alternative would be better. In our professional opinion, the answer is usually yes. We recommend exhausting all non-surgical options before scheduling surgery. If they work well, surgery can be avoided and so can the potential for complications.

What is the process like?

We offer several treatment options that can help to improve the health of the spine and reduce back pain. These include touch therapy, decompression, physical therapy and massage. When combined, these treatments have fantastic results that are often responsible for reducing or eliminating back pain caused by a slipped disc or pinched nerve.

How long will I be in treatment?

The treatment time depends on the health of a patient and how severe the back pain is. Patients typically report feeling better after the first couple of appointments but it can take months or even a year to achieve a complete recovery. Once we see how a patient is responding to treatment, we can provide a more comprehensive opinion on how long the process will take.

Has this worked for other patients?

Absolutely. We have been privileged to witness patients recovering to such an extent that they regain their mobility and quality of life. Using our treatment solutions, many patients have found that their life is completely different as they are able to do things that they had not been able to for years. It is a true joy to watch this transformation.

Is it expensive?

No. Our treatment options are incredibly affordable. When compared with surgery and a hospital stay, the cost is of no consequence. However, we understand that everyone has different household budgets and that what may be inexpensive for some can be too high for others. If money is a concern, let us know. We can discuss options for payment including billing insurance and payment plans.

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