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Despite the fact that our feet are fundamental in helping us make it through every day, many of us find ourselves sidelined by foot pain.










Orthotics are a helpful treatment that can make all the difference when it comes to foot problems. These special shoe inserts work like shock absorbers, providing much-needed relief to painful areas and helping your feet move better overall. They also prevent further deformity or deterioration of the affected area in order to ensure long-term comfort and mobility for you!

Let the Foot Levelers Kiosk be your guide for providing top-notch care.  It’s an interactive solution that helps you understand how proper foot alignment can contribute to optimal body stability and posture — all through detailed reports of findings! Then, our laboratory will take it a step further, collecting digital scans of your feet so you get custom orthotics designed just for you.

The Difference between Custom and Premade Foot Orthotics

For those looking for optimal performance and comfort, custom orthotics prescribed by a doctor may be the way to go! Unlike pre-made devices found in various shops or online, these orthotics are tailored specifically to your needs. A plaster mold of your foot is taken which reproduces an exact replica – technicians then use this information as well as the doctor’s prescription when crafting it into a special device just for you. Allowing doctors and experts to come together to create something unique that gives you exactly what you need – every step of life can become more enjoyable with off-the-shelf solutions personalized perfectly for each person’s feet!

These specially designed insoles provide support and shock absorption specifically tailored to the physical activity at hand. For example, ski boots require a different type of arch than golf shoes or cycling cleats. 

Why not trust your feet to the professionals? 

Do custom orthotics really work?

Your feet take a beating through everyday life, but with custom orthotic inserts, you can provide relief to those aches and pains. They act like padding for your foot’s movements, helping keep pain at bay while also supporting the alignment of bones inside shoes. Best of all? These powerful pads will even help guard against deformity or further damage in that area – so give them a try!

What conditions are orthotics used to treat?

Suffering from painful arthritis, aching back pain, troublesome bunions or bursitis? Orthotics may be your solution to finding relief. They can help improve the positioning of feet that are rolling inward and provide extra cushioning for discomfort in heels and toes. If you have diabetes which has caused loss of sensation in your feet (known as diabetic neuropathy), orthotics could also prove beneficial by supporting arches & heel areas where pressure is commonly concentrated.


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