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At Ventura Spine & Disc, we are committed to providing our patients with back pain treatment and the highest quality of care. Many of our 93003 patients visit our office for a natural back pain treatment after suffering excruciating pain throughout their back, neck, and shoulders, which often radiates through to their legs. Patients who take daily pain medication, have undergone spinal surgeries, and who are unable to work, play sports, or keep up with housework have received our spinal decompression treatment and gotten a new lease on life.

The results have been so dramatic, patients who have been unable to work due to severe back pain have been able to return to their job full-time after spinal decompression therapy. Other patients have been able to stop taking pain medication altogether. As spinal pain specialists, we have regularly taken our patients’ pain level from a 10 to a one or zero while restoring their overall mobility and strength, which makes it possible to live a full and active life. If you have tried everything and are still experiencing chronic back pain, call 805-642-3472 and schedule an appointment with our Ventura, CA clinic.