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Cora B.


A year ago I was having difficulty walking and standing for any period of time. I decided to have spinal decompression and laser therapy. The consultation and brief video explaining my therapy gave me promise that I would improve my range of motion with dedication to a customized plan. After a few weeks of treatments I was able to walk a 5k and also stand for short periods without major pain. It has been six months and I am continuing to feel improvement. Ventura Spine & Disc has me looking forward to a more active future.

Joe B.


Before coming to Ventura Spine and Disc I had severe low back pain as a result of a bulging disc. After several weeks of treatment that included spinal decompression and ultrasound my pain disappeared and I was able to work and enjoy normal everyday life. Prior doctors had suggested surgery but Dr. Prestin carefully explained other non-surgical options that have been successful for his patients and I have since found this to be true for me as well. I would definitely recommend Ventura Spine and Disc to everyone.

Dr. Prestin and his staff are all very caring and courteous and they provide excellent treatment.

Ken G.


After being involved in a serious car accident, I visited Ventura Spine & Disc for treatment on my neck, back and shoulder. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after my initial consultation with Dr. Prestin, I felt I was in good hands. He was thorough with his exam and ultimately it was determined that I was a good candidate for spinal decompression. I hadn’t heard about this treatment before, but I figured I would at least give it a try, as I didn’t want to go the surgery route. Wow, I mean, seriously, after a couple treatments, I began to feel relief in my shoulder and neck pain and after several more treatments, my back too. Before the accident, I was very active, but following the accident I put on a lot of weight and couldn’t work-out due to the pain. Now, I’m back at the gym and I am feeling better and better with each treatment. Dr. Prestin and his staff are not just friendly, but extremely knowledgeable and efficient. They respect my time and get me in and out as quick as possible. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing neck, back or shoulder pain to give them a call.

Boris B.


Dr. Prestin is amazing! I came to him with a severe 10mm bulging disc. I couldn’t get out of bed or sit for more than a few minutes. I thought surgery was my only option and fortunately it’s not. I tried spinal decompression and have been able to avoid surgery so I am very thankful to Dr. Prestin for his attentive care and wonderful staff.

John J.


Dr Prestin has been very influential in helping me get back to a normal life. Prior to being treated by him I found it difficult to function and was in a lot of pain. Now I am able to do many of the things I was unable to do in the past.

Trevor S.


I had back pain for years with little-no success from physical therepy, accupuncture, epidural injection, or rest. Being in my early 20s with a herniated disc debilitating my life upset me. The care I have received from Dr. Prestin, Tiana, and staff have helped me heal. The attention from staff and decompression have helped improve my quality of life. I recommend anyone with chronic pain try this form of healing. I feel tremendously better than before starting treatments.

Jonathan B.


My name is Jonathan Brace. I am 33 years old and I have herniated disc in the S1-L5 area. I had surgery 6 years ago to correct my first herniation. That surgery only lasted about 5 ½ years. About 6 months ago, I began losing my ability to use my left leg, making it very hard to stand, drive and get round doing my daily life. I tried different chiropractors and only received manipulation on my spine but it never really made the pain back off. I researched decompression therapy and found Ventura Spine and Disc online and decided to give it a try. In only 6 weeks of decompression therapy, my pain level has decreased from a 7 to a 3. I have completely regained full functionality of my legs as well as most of my strength. I am very satisfied with my decision to do spinal decompression therapy and would recommend it to anyone before they consider doing surgery.